brianUpdating your website on a regular basis is important. It shows prospects that your organization is active, legitimate and connected. It also gives fans/customers content they can share, as well as help with search engine rankings.

But developing content for a website can be daunting for most organizations, as it is seen as a major task requiring intense planning and development. That’s doesn’t have to be the case. Unless you’re a content driven website or a big business trying to conquer the internet, content creation can come from some very natural and efficient places. Here are three tips for creating great content without over-planning or taking up too many resources.

  1. Write what you know – Simple. Write a couple paragraphs of tips that you simply know and speak to all the time. That is how I write these blog posts. “3 Tips on . . .” is a good, useful format that hooks people. You’re reading this, right?
  2. Think of what most of your customers ask and answer it with a quick post. Example for a therapist site might be “How many sessions can I expect before I start experiencing results?” The answer may explain that there are variables but most patients can experience positive results within X amount of sessions.
  3. Interview your vendors/partners with a simple 5 question email, focusing on how they benefit the customer. Many organizations work on large projects that require a team of other organizations. Have those other organizations answer questions like “How do you ensure a timely completion?” This allows them to help sell their worth (and yours) and they are doing most of the writing for you. They also get to feel important and it can better your relationship with them.

See, that only took me 15 minutes to write : )

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