It is always good to do an honest reflection of the how you are doing. But it requires some sort of guidelines. All organizations have different ways of measuring success, but most, if not all, will likely have some associated with the concepts below.

Simplicity, Positivity and Adaptability

Are we doing what set out to do? Have we gotten too complicated for ourselves or our customers? Are the why’s and the what’s matching up?

  • We are always striving to simplify our internal and external processes. We have learned basic project management tools are much better for what we do than those with tons of bells and whistles. File under “simple” and “positive.”
  • We also get to the heart of challenging matters quickly and do not let them fester. Truth and attentiveness win the day! More “simple” and “positive.”
  • Our new content management system always us to make websites more efficiently and effectively for our customers! Also it allows for just about any kind of small businesses site and can adjust for trends! “Simple”, “Positive” and “Adaptive.”

As we embrace these three concepts, we find out more and more than they support and inform each other. The more simple things are, the more positive (easier, more profitable for us, less expensive for customers) and if we need to make changes, we are not overhauling an entire, complicated business. Adaptive!

As your organization closes out the year, are there ways you can simplify, add positivity and foster adaptability? The more you do, the better you sleep at night. And if you can’t sleep at night, it’s hard to get up excited about your days!

Are there ways we can help with you sleep better at night? Reach out and we’ll be happy to chat!