brianFacebook is a strong place to promote your small business. In fact, it is virtually essential depending on the business and which face it is. At the least, it can be a meaningful complement to your existing online marketing.

First of all, let’s stop wasting time . . .

  1. No one reads much (that’s why we keep these blog entries short!) so keep yours posts punchy by using short text (headline when possible) and use a photo (or video) if possible. Link to a bigger piece, such as a blog entry for those that want to read on.
  2. Only about 5% of your followers will see a post. Yep! So post often (at least once or twice a week) so you can increase the views. Don’t post just to post. Keep the quality level high. People remember if you waste their time. Look for trends on when your users actually tend to see your posts and you can increase the % a bit, but it will rarely be much more than 10%.
  3. People do not like to be told to buy stuff or donate all day long. Mix up your posts and get people talking instead of just trying to insist upon them!
  4. A bad facebook page makes you look unprofessional. Make sure your facebook page has a nice header graphic that shows your business’ personality. Prospects will likely on see it once, so make it count! Add your contact info, email list sign-up (if you have it) and proper “about” info. Also keep in mind people will see how often you post on your page and it better be more than once a month or they will wonder what’s the point!?
  5. Don’t be tricky or negative. People loathe that. Stay honest, helpful and positive.


We hope you find these tips useful. Contact us with any questions!