“If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.” – Mark Twain Let’s be real. In fact, let’s commit to the truth. The truth will set you free. But wait, how does the truth set you free?

The more one tells the truth and lives truthfully, the LESS complicated things become. One can focus on creating a better reality instead of covering up reality with more and more complex lies.

This also applies to your business and marketing of your business in many ways. Here are 5 Reasons Being Truthful Is The Best Marketing:

  • You have to think about it less!
    Think about what you do best and focus on that in your marketing.
  • Better your business!
    If what you’d LIKE to be the truth is not actualized yet, focus on making it happen!
  • Manage Expectations.
    Customers will always refer or disparage you based on their experience, not your marketing. If your marketing overpromises, you are already mismanaging your customer’ expectations.
  • Customer trust and loyalty.
    If you cannot do something for a customer, be honest. They will appreciate it and trust you more. Trust is worth more in the long run.
  • It FEELS BETTER to be truthful.
    Nothing is more corrosive to the spirit of a business than being unsavory. Employees pick up on it and from there, it all falls apart.

Instead of saying, “Our magic potion will make you feel 100 times better in 2 weeks!”, try, “Our product will provide relief and a better quality of life.” Which statement do you take more seriously? Funny enough, the truth, in the long run, is more powerful than a bold lie. Any questions about your marketing? Want some objective, truthful advice? Contact us today!