I write posts for this blog, which represents my business. My intention is to communicate something I know is useful to my audience with the hope that they (you) keep coming back, and hopefully reach out for assistance (our services).

But there is another reason I enjoy writing. And it is a powerful reason few marketers ever speak of.

Blogging helps me formulate thoughts on my business and how to communicate them better. Even if no one reads my blog, I now have a better handle of what I do and how to explain it to someone in person or on the phone. My confidence level gets a boost and my audience hears it and trusts me more.

Much in the same way writing a journal or diary can help one ponder and address issues in one’s life, blogging forces us to reflect on the subject matter we are representing. Even conceiving this very blog post is causing me to choose the best, most concise way to convey a message.

I have imposed a word limit of 300 to every blog post as a hook to get more people to read (who wants to read me go on and on and on? Just ask my wife!). But it puts limits on how much I “overthink” or “overwrite” on a subject matter (“zzzzzzzzzzzz” is all I’d be getting in return).

By blogging about a single topic with the twin elements of simplicity and clarity I’m ironing out the wrinkles in my idea. The next time someone asks me why they should blog about their business, I will include these thoughts in my conversation but in a way that is more direct and less wordy.  Less is more.

That said, I will leave you be. Happy blogging!

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