Is change progress? Sometimes. But that change must be based on the strengths of who you are, not who you like to think you are.

If someone is not very good at math, the likelihood of him/her being a physicist is well, unlikely! If one is an accomplished 100-meter dash runner, they might make a solid 200-meter competitor.

What if Al, who can’t crack a joke if his life depended on it, decided to try and be funny at parties because he felt that was the only way to make new friends? The odds are he’d come off as awkward and out of tune. He may even lose a potential friend in the process. Why? Because he is trying to be something he isn’t. He demonstrates a lack of competence and his confidence fades. People like others who are comfortable in their own skin.

Google versus YahooSo how does this apply to business? When a business tries to chase every idea or appeal to everyone, it runs the risk of losing more friends than it gains. It fails to make real connections and is hard to manage. If nothing else, it will be known for not knowing who “they” are.

Google decided to be a search engine. Period. Their home page still says, “We’re confident in what we do” by being simple and direct. Some of the competitors over the years, such as Yahoo, tried to be all things to all users. Who won the search engine wars? Google now has 67% of all searches.

Does Google do other things? Sure it does! Gmail! Maps! Data! But it started with who they were and grew from there. Spiral out from who you are. Simplify your business. Customers will be drawn to you because you are confident in what you do!

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