In business, it is tempting to want to “go for the kill” when it comes to sales. The problem with this mentality is that, while it may work in some cases and in the short-term, it rarely produces long-term benefits.

Clients can sense how hard you are pushing and several bad things occur:

  • Your organization sounds desperate
  • The client feels like you are making “everything” seem like a good fit for them when in fact, that is not likely true
  • You are not building a relationship with the client, you are building a relationship with their money

That last bullet is the most important — when you focus on the money only, you are missing the connection. If you connect with your clients and their needs with genuineness, the good business will come as a natural consequence.

Instead of seeing dollar signs, see opportunities to serve them with integrity. Of course you are in business and  they will pay for their services. But you’ll want them gladly paying because of the trust they have in you and what you are doing for them. It should not be something they second guess every time they send in a payment.

If your heart is not genuine, the client will sense it at some point, as they should. And equally important, forcing a sale on a client also corrupts our sense of self as people and businesses. We want to feel good about what we do by doing good with what we do.

The result of  building a natural relationship with your clients based on integrity produces trust, loyalty and referrals. Now that is good for the heart and the bottom-line!

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