If every product or service was highly unique, we’d be in trouble.  Things would be too unpredictable. Every mom and pop donut shop would have different kinds of donuts and we’d never know if the new one we just drove by would have what we wanted. We may be pleasantly surprised or disappointed.  If each plumber specialized in their own thing, we’d spend forever finding the one that fixed kitchen sink blockages and was available when we needed them.

However, it IS important make your product or service standout. Here are a few ways to start thinking about how to go about that, especially for products and services that are not unique (nor do they need to be).

  • Quality of work
  • Customer service
  • Speed
  • Pricing

Quality of work and customer service can be combined, but it is important to have them listed separately since they do have individual components. If you repair cars but are rude, it doesn’t matter how good of a job you did on the actual repairs.

Let’s break it down to quality, speed and price for the sake of simplicity. Pick two. Not three. It is impossible, with rare exception, to have all three be competitive. High quality work, done quickly at a low cost is not feasible. Trying to force all three into the bottle sets a precedence for failure, frustrated employees and customers.

But you can have high quality at  a moderate price and moderate speed. Or “good enough” quality as a low price and moderate speed.

To stand out, pick one and really make it your thing. It is better to be known for one thing than merely “okay” at all three. Make sure to have good if not great customer service at all times. That should never be sacrificed.

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