Get them coming back more often and spending more with carefully honed email marketing efforts.

One of the most, if not THE most, effective ways to leverage your book of business is to embrace email marketing. Your existing customers are absolute gold.

Permission-based (NOT spam!) email marketing is one of the most tried and true online marketing tools of the modern era. While smartphones and social media get the majority of headlines nowadays, savvy businesses know a customer’s inbox is often the most effective and efficient way to increase frequency of transactions. Email marketing is proven!

Here are just a few reasons emails still rules in the hearts (and marketing budgets) of many successful businesses:

  • Users are getting more selective with the lists they subscribe to so open rates are actually trending up!
  • The ability to track exactly what works and how has become more of a science than ever before.
  • The ROI on email marketing is generally outstanding compared to other mediums.
  • Great for converting leads that demand involved sales cycles.
  • You can segment and target your best customers based on your current goals.
  • Users can easily share email content on facebook, twitter and more.
  • Existing customers WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! Fish in a barrel!
  • Email is here to stay! EVERYBODY needs an email address
    (it’s required for facebook, bank accounts, everything!)

All of this is a moot point, however, if a business does not understand the absolutely critical elements involved in executing email marketing. Customer recruitment, list management, coding, design, calls-to-action, the science of subject lines and body content, automation, CAN-SPAM laws are some of the complex aspects that we are here to execute for you.

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