$3 a month for hosting! YES!

Wait. . . NOOOO!

One of the biggest misconceptions we run into is that only high traffic sites should have quality hosting. And by quality, we don’t mean you need a $500 a month, dedicated yadadada. No, you just need the website to be served in a timely manner to the user. Some cheap hosting serves sites slow or worse yet, downs them for an hour here or there.

Why does this matter?

Well, it matters for one major reason that affects other things dramatically. It is an exponential problem.

When a user clicks on a Google search result, and goes to a site that is either down or loads a second slower than they’d prefer, they exit immediately. Google tracks this and assumes there is something less than ideal about the website. Remember, Google is in the business of making the user happy. So what does Google do? Google dumps that bit of negative data into their algorithm  and, depending on how frequently it happens, may begin reducing the rankings of the sites pages. And if the rankings suffer, so does traffic. And so does your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) team, who is trying to get you higher and higher.

So, unreliable webhosting has several negative effects:

  • Users exit site without seeing what you have to offer
  • Google punishes your site in search engine rankings
  • SEO team has to work harder and harder to overcome this (and there is a limit to what they can overcome)

Solution: There are ways to track the “up time” of a site. Once that data is gathered, a recommendation can be made. Most small business websites can be moved to a new webhost or upgraded with the existing hosting environment.

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