So “How much should a business website cost?”

This is probably one of the most elusive and difficult questions to answer.

You can a make website for “free.” Note the quotes. Free as in obvious cost. But then, if you make it yourself, you have to spend the time. How much is that worth? From our informal survey of colleagues and clients who tried it themselves, it is easily over 100 hours of time on average.

Then, the million dollar question. Are you making it so it actually yields business? Anyone can make a website nowadays (there are free or super cheap do-it-yourself “solutions”), but can you make an effective BUSINESS website?

There are some pretty rock solid technologies and methods that have been honed by the marketing savvy. Very few cheap website building solutions are based on marketing effectiveness. They are based on simply allowing you to slap a website together (once again, with learning curves that take hours upon hours).

These 3 factors, albeit general, determine if a website is good for business:

  • Effective content (this is everything from images to words to placement)
  • Does it look professional? Like you are a real business?
  • Proper technology (SEO can be destroyed by the wrong kind of coding among about 1000 other things)

Remember, you have about 5 – 8 seconds to capture a leads attention. If your website cannot do that, it’s probably not worth the money. So how much does a business website cost? It depends. But, a flexible web development company should have several options that will work for you and make you confident in making the online leap.

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