WordPress-based sites account for a significant percentage of websites developed around the world. Some of you reading this are asking, “What the heck is WordPress?”

Well, it is a free blogging platform started several years ago that has morphed into a powerful and  user-friendly tool for updating a website without having to have any technical knowledge.

That said, web developers have taken to building custom sites “on top” of the WordPress engine so their clients can easily update their own sites. Even if the client still wants the web firm to update the site for them, it makes it quicker for the firm and less costly.

How WordPress Sites Save Businesses Money:

  • Google likes WordPress sites and tends to list them well (with other considerations in the mix) and are arguably easier for SEO firms to update
  • WordPress is well-known amongst developers so if you need to switch to a new firm, you should not have any major issues (transition costs)
  • WordPress has a ton of great development  resources that allow developers to customize with relative ease (less development time)
  • WordPress has several built-in features that allow for sharing content on social media and other WordPress sites (so these do not have to be custom integrated)
  • And once again, it is very easy for the average person to update text and photos in WordPress so it can save you money for content updates!

Does this mean a WordPress site is “cheap.” Not exactly.  It does mean that a quality website can be built on a strong, well-regarded platform with less long-term costs.

If you are interesting in a WordPress site, contact us today and we’ll gladly answer your questions!