It’s the time of year when everyone decides to fix all the things they don’t like about themselves or the world around them.  While it sounds motivational, it is actually lazy!

Why on earth would we wait to fix the things that really are affecting us negatively? At all? In other words, how many of us in fall decided to put off addressing issues in our lives, our business and relationships (all related of course) till the new year?

Life, business and relationships are dynamic. They do not reboot or maintain stasis for an entire year. That’s simply not how the universe works. Furthermore, to assign a blanket “fix” for the entire year also suggests we won’t have new, unexpected things to deal with in a couple months.

That is why I have migrated away from New Year’s Resolutions. I call them “New Day Resolutions” as each day is new and there are continuous things to work on. While this sounds like more work, it actually isn’t. Instead of building up  a few huge issues and then tackling them in haste, we maintain constant awareness of the ebbs and flows and manage them with small, simple steps.

Instead of a bucking bronco, we have a hay ride and if we’re lucky, only a few little bumps in the road. I’d hate to lose my ice cream cone! The best way to achieve all of this is regular communication with your staff and customers. Be spirited, genuine and truly act on things so they have traction. Keep your attention on those things that matter most and the things that matter least will matter less and eventually dissipate.

Take a few minutes each morning and think, what does today ask of me? Happy New Year…and Happy Today!