Sometimes it is not what you do, it’s what you DON’T do that hurts you.

Many businesses have felt compelled to create facebook, twitter or other social media profiles, post occasionally and think they’ve done a decent job. Well, there is one hidden, scary risk that can occur with this approach.

A customer posts a major complaint.

And it just sits there.

Example: “I was in your store last night and asked your manager if you carried wide-width shoes. She looked the other way and left the area. Your employees obviously hate working for you and take it out on the customers!”

And all the other users see it. And worse yet, they see you do nothing in response.

This communicates many very negative things about your business:

  • You have bad service (as stated by the aforementioned user)
  • You have nothing to say in response. Therefore, it must be true.
  • Whether or not you actually performed the bad service or maybe this is a rare occurrence, you literally do not even care enough to respond.
  • Your social media page is not for real. You just put it up and don’t take it seriously.
  • All of the above shows the world your business does not have it’s act together.

The solution? Use a negative comment to your advantage. Be proactive and show you care and that you will act on it.

  • Respond acknowledging the complaint
  • Explain what you will do to make it right
  • Encourage a non-public conversation after the fact

Example public response post: “Brenda, we’re very sorry to hear about your experience This is not typical. Please email us at ____ and we’ll make this right.”

This saves the existing customer (hopefully!) and shows all your  followers how seriously you take customer satisfaction.

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