While these are not the only things to consider, let’s face it, your time is limited and you need to know what really matters most and why.


  • Later last year it was confirmed that 60% of searches were on mobile devices (source:SearchEngineLand). That was not a surprise. Everything has been trending toward mobile the last many years. This does not mean if you have a non-mobile optimized that it won’t be seen in search engines or on phones. However, sites with mobile-friendly builds can be favored by Google and also easier for users to view and navigate on their phones (they’ll stick around longer). Bottom-line, your next website upgrade should include mobile-optimization.
  • But social media is not longer just a “website” you log into. Facebook and all the other social media platforms now have apps that are installed on users’ phones, meaning that users are more and more using their phones for everything to do with the internet. Email has been standard for years as well. What this means those platforms are competing for attention with constant alerts. If you do not have social media in your marketing plan, you should strongly consider it. Know your target audience and pick the channels they are most likely  to use and use the channel. Quality over quantity.
  • Great customer service and keeping relationships in good standing. This is one of the things you hardly ever  see in online marketing blogs.  It’s about people, not ones and zeros. It means stickiness, loyalty and referrals. No amount of tricky marketing can overcome bad business experiences. Be fair, honest and give the kind of service you feel proud of. While this takes time to build upon, it is the closest thing to a magic bullet for small, local business businesses.

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