A popular question in the small business world is “Should I have a mobile site? Every tells me if I don’t, I am not going to show up in Google anymore!”

Recently Google made a significant change to their search engine algorithm, that will likely have some impact on search results for your website, depending on whether your site is mobile-friendly or not.  However, when and how much is yet to be seen.

So, is it panic mode time? Probably not. And here’s why.

  • Google’s algorithm only affects search results done ON mobile phones. So not all search traffic is affected.  To be fair, some markets do have a significant portion of mobile searches. If that’s you, then yep, you need a mobile site.
  • We do not know the full impact on website traffic yet as this change only took place this month.
  • To properly adjust an older site to be fully mobilized can be very expensive, so you will want to consider how much business you are actually getting from it now before diving in. There are cheaper, “tacked on” mobile site solutions but these have to be carefully considered for myriad technical reasons I won’t go into here.
  • If your site is not even registered/does not appear in  search engines, well, it still won’t : )

What to do? Get your web traffic stats out and see if you have significant changes in traffic over the coming months. If you have a decent budget already set aside, by all means, let’s get started on a mobile site.

Any new website we make, with rare exception, is mobile friendly.  Why? Because yes, mobile will continue to be a strong, major player in the marketplace for many years.

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