Nobody likes a Negative Nelly.

Aside from the irony of the first sentence (ha!), the greater point is, stay positive in your marketing communication. History tells us that organizations are like people. No one wants to deal with those that put others down or try to manipulate them.

Back in the early 80s Pepsi, the number 2 cola brand, targeted Coca-Cola directly in their ads. Coca-Cola decided to do the same to Pepsi. Soon, people had a negative feeling toward Coca-Cola as they seemed to be picking on the smaller kid on the playground.

For example: “Our competition sucks!” is not a very appealing message. Nor is “Be afraid if you don’t click here within 10 seconds!”

Instead, try this, “Our clients have given us a 98% satisfaction rating!” or “Overcome cold symptoms quicker! Click here for how!”

Now, there is a small exception. For some reason, in politics, fear and negativity works. But in general, we prefer people and organizations that make us feel GOOD!

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