Many businesses fall prey to SEO companies who promise the world in short order. Several months later, they realize they spent hundreds or thousands of dollars on a gimmick. All sizzle, no steak.

It’s unfair. It’s frustrating. It also makes the job of companies like ours more challenging because we have to overcome the stigma of what unethical businesses put clients through.

The good news is, effective SEO is not only critical but successful for the vast majority of businesses who do it properly.

Here are the 3 Most Important Search Engine Optimization Tips:

  • Real SEO Company – You must have a legitimate SEO service doing the work who is honest and effective. If they promise the world in one month, be suspicious. To do it right means taking the time to invest in research, coding, content and reporting/analysis and making constant adjustments.
  • The Right Targeting – Make sure you are targeting the right customer with the right words in the right areas (geography!).  This is where a lot of time and money is wasted if you are not careful.
  • Patience – Good things come to those who wait. Google wants their search results to be the absolute best for their users. That means they want useful, relevant links from legitimate sources and a plethora of other proof you are worthy. Well, common sense would tell you that building this legitimacy takes time. There is no fast track. In fact, trying to fool Google can get your site permanently banned from showing up!

The great news is your competitors may not have the patience you have. Win the marathon by choosing a good provider, pacing yourself and staying committed.

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