Taking your first plunge into getting a website developed can be intimidating for many. You hear and read terms like domain names, hosting, security, WordPress, Content Management System, Php, plugins, custom programming, integration with social media, maintenance requirements and so on.

And what’s the process? What do you, the client, need to do? How long does it take? These are all great questions and I won’t answer them all in detail here, but I will respond to them with some good general principles when looking for a web developer.

  • Referrals – If you have colleagues in business you respect, ask them who they use and if they’d absolutely recommend them. There is nothing like a solid referral from someone you trust
  • Fairness – Does the person or company have a fair contract? Is it reasonably priced? Do you have to make super long-term commitments (you shouldn’t).
  • Honest and Upfront – Are they balanced and realistic in their promises? (They should be!)
  • Communication – If you communication is filled with holes up front, that is not a good sign. Abandon ship!
  • Industry Standard Technologies – Additionally, we always recommend you use a platform or ask that the platform being used to develop your site is common in the industry. That way, if you need to switch to a new developer, it will be easier to transition and save you money and headaches. We happen to use the WordPress engine for our websites. Millions of people do.
  • Do They Get To Know Your Business? – You are not like everybody else and your web designer should get know you and your business before diving in. If they don’t know you, they can’t “show you.”

These are a few things to help guide you in the right direction. Feel free to reach out with questions.