Businesses are often frustrated with how long it takes to get decent rankings in Google. However, there is a very positive side to this.

First, it must be understood that Google ranks based on the usefulness of your website to the user. Google wants the user, their primary customer, to be pleased with their search results. So Google has developed a rather complex but mostly accurate vetting process when it comes to rewarding sites a quality ranking. The details are for another post, but it basically comes down to these concepts: relevancy of content, frequency of updates, time on the internet and various algorithms for determining what others think of you (links, Google +, social media activity).

So Google is apt to take their time to make sure you are, bottom line, legit. It’s like a long sales cycle. This usually takes several months of concerted effort to overcome. It can even take a year or more. In most cases, 6 – 9 months should see some meaningful ranking activity if the right keywords and market are targeted. Proper SEO takes time. Period.

So why is this good news?

It is good news because, in many markets, the competition does not have the resources or patience to execute SEO. And if they started and stopped, they are only hurting themselves. It takes a long time to climb back on the ladder.

That means your organization has a great opportunity to gain leverage both mid and long-term if it invests in a proper SEO package.

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