In life and in business we find ourselves needing others. Problems arise when those necessary relationships falter. The residual effect of partnerships lacking trust, communication and or mutual benefit is chaos and regression.

When those we do business with aren’t a good fit, it is important to address this quickly. If a vendor such as a software company we rely on for a feature on a website suddenly stops providing quality product or service, we have to react to that in a way that ensures our clients are minimally effected while also keeping our labor and other costs down. It also impacts our overall process. For example, if a staff member stops performing consistently or is dishonest, it makes the rest of the team wonder not just about the employee, but how it will affect them as well.

The result is shaky ground that an organization is constantly having to manage instead of moving forward, getting better and growing.

When looking for partnerships, we check for the following:

  • Are they honest? Without this, everything else is a moot point
  • Are they easy to work with?
  • Are they adaptable?

Within these are countless benefits such as peace of mind and the ability to plan without significant worry.  You have more solid ground on which to take next steps.

Back to the example of software, a complex field – we don’t demand perfection. It’s not possible. But if mistakes are made, we expect them to be addressed honestly, immediately and fairly. And will these mistakes be learned from? How will they be addressed going forward?

That is why we strive to be all these things  – honest, easy to work with and willing to adapt. Our clients deserve it so they can grow their business with while sleeping well at night.

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