The vast majority of local online searches end up in a purchase. That’s compelling.

Here’s a breakdown of the device used and the percentage of searches that resulted in a purchase (according to comScore*):

  • PC/Laptop searches = 59%
  • Mobile = 78%
  • Tablet = 77%

With Google handling approximately two-thirds of all internet searches, that means you best get your business friendly with the world’s largest search engine and arguably the biggest driver of local business.

It also means if your competition is getting found in Google and you are not, you are losing out quickly on the majority of new business opportunities.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) when done properly, will boost traffic to your site, generate leads and help you grow your business. It takes planning and time, but it does not have to be overwhelming. In fact, a good SEO provider will take the time to ask you the right questions and formulate a strategy and execute it for you. While it takes several months to convince Google to give you a go, this investment is getting more critical for local business every day.

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 *March 2013 Study (comScore)