One of the most important questions in organizations, let alone life, is “why?” It gives us clarity, purpose and inspiration. It is what compels us into action.

When running your business or organization, it is important to incorporate why into all facets. Why are we meeting? Really?  Why are customers leaving? Why aren’t we growing? Why are employees unhappy?

In communicating to customers, focus on the why. If you provide therapy, why is it important? You don’t just provide therapy, you provide the ability for others to move forward in their lives. That is why your services are necessary. If you are a plumber, you should be chosen because you are always on time, have fair prices and are honest. It is not just good enough to day your are “the best!” Be specific enough for people to identify with the “why.”

This should be reflected in your marketing, especially your website, in clear terms. It if offend referred to as “the difference.” Put it in your tagline, use bullets points in body copy and have lots of space around your messages so people can identify and read them easily.

All of this helps your customers truly distinguish you from the competition. Otherwise, you are just another option, or not even one.

So why choose At 1 Marketing for your website? Because we know the importance of why : )

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