A lot of people go into business thinking that it is about doing what they want to do. They want to sell makeup, own a bakery or be the friendly neighborhood auto mechanic because, well, they love making people pretty, cupcakes and cars.

But unless you absolutely, deeply love these things as if they are your passion, and you are willing to stick it out through all matters of financial and spiritual stress, you may found out the hard way that what you want to do is not what other people want. Now, I am not saying nobody wants the latest lipsticks, delish pastries or a suped-up Mustang. What I am saying is, it’s dangerous to assume because you want to do it, there will be enough people to help you live your dream.

If there is a saturation of your type of business, you cannot overcome that by simply wishing or hoping. However, you can make it work if you are willing to meet the public halfway.

Adapt your dreams to fill the gaps.  If you have a bakery that is struggling, ask your customer’s what they want more of. Survey them or simply talk to them casually. Build a niche around a loyal group of people that will help you spread the word. Maybe you focus on unique breakfast items instead of cupcakes. Instead of just selling makeup, you partner with an up-and-coming jewelery artist to help diversify income. As a mechanic, you might work different hours than the others to attract more business.

When you matter to your customers, your business matters more. You owe it to yourself, you sanity and your dreams to adapt your personal wishes to accommodate what people really want.

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